Surveillance-camera users reminded to secure passwords against hackers

While installing surveillance cameras in homes and on business premises has become increasingly common, consumers may not be aware of the need to secure them, as a website purporting to warn the public of security risks involving such gadgets demonstrates.

Mr Darric Hor, regional director of information technology security firm Check Point Software Technologies, told TODAY that it is very easy for mischief-makers to tap into an unsecured IP camera.

He explained that anyone can create a program to “sweep” IP addresses. Once the program detects that a particular address is connected to an IP camera, it sends an alert to the program creator, who then keys in the default username and password combination — which gives new users access to the IP camera in question.

As for those seeking additional security, Mr Hor said: “Use an alphanumerical password … If you want enhanced security, you can put your security camera behind a firewall, depending on how critical the information is.”

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