SGX woos Israeli startups for IPOs

JUL 1, 2015 5:50 AM Singapore

THE Singapore Exchange (SGX) could turn into a hotbed for bite-sized Israeli tech startups hungry for capital and better visibility as they look towards Asia to expand their business propositions.

SGX officials are understood to have made several visits to Israel in recent months to court Israeli listing hopefuls.

“Israel has a reputation for technology startups and biotechnology sectors – two sectors that investors in Singapore already have a deep understanding and appreciation of,” SGX head of SME development and listings Mohamed Nasser Ismail told The Business Times.

Even so, an Israeli IPO frenzy on this side of the shore is a long shot – Israeli firms are still hung up on Nasdaq, leaving their own Tel Aviv Stock Exchange feeling neglected.

Moreover, Sarine Technologies is the only Israeli firm on SGX with no new entrant from the land of great innovators over a decade since. But now, there are signs that SGX’s groundwork could mark a new inflection point in the coming months.

For one, Trendlines, an Israeli investment firm that specialises in startups in medical devices and agricultural technology, is exploring a listing on Singapore’s junior board Catalist.

Todd Dollinger, chairman and chief executive of Trendlines, said in a recent interview with BT: “We started this conversation (listing and other business plans) about late last year and discovered an interesting atmopsheric condition – everyone such as SGX, bankers and lawyers wanted to talk to us.

“In part because of what we do and in part because it was Israel.”


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