A virtual fence to ward off a ‘Cyber 9/11′

ISRAEL21c: Cyber-attacks on Sony, Ashley Madison, eBay, Domino’s Pizza, Target and Jeep garnered headlines everywhere. But cybersecurity experts and government leaders say those hack crimes are peanuts compared to what’s around the corner.

One of the biggest fears on the digital battlefield is a cyber-attack on critical infrastructure and manufacturing industries. Power-generation systems, transport networks, manufacturing industries, financial services, health and safety systems and telecommunications are all vulnerable due to Internet of Things(IoT) connectivity.

“Until a few years ago, these industries were considered safe because they were completely isolated from the outside world,” says Yoni Shohet, founder and CEO of SCADAfence, a startup that develops cybersecurity solutions for the critical infrastructure and manufacturing industries.

At its graduation ceremony earlier this year from Microsoft Venture’s startup accelerator program, SCADAfence attracted a lot of local attention. That the startup can save governments billions of dollars was just one of the reasons.

The seven-member company is based out of the JVP Cyber Labs in Beersheva, Israel’s desert city on track to becoming the cyber capital of the world.

SCADAfence’s solutions are “designed specifically for industrial networks, which are found in manufacturing industries and critical infrastructure. The solutions are designed to leverage the unique characteristics of these networks to protect against cyber attacks and ensure operational availability,” Shohet tells ISRAEL21c.

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