Israeli Tech at GSMA Mobile World Congress 2016

nocamels: Whether it’s a 30-second battery charger for smartphones, or a mobile app that monitors your pet while you’re at work, the Israeli companies showcasing this week at the GSMA Mobile World Congress in Barcelona are wowing the crowds with their cool products and apps.

The annual GSMA Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona this week is showcasing 2,100 companies, including a delegation of about 100 Israeli high-tech companies in the field of mobile solutions and apps.

Some of the coolest Israeli technologies at the conference:


  • remote pet health monitoring, leveraging wearable technology along with innovative analytical and alerting models
  • PetPace’s wireless collar is fitted with sensors that report vital signs as well as physiological and behavioral parameters


  • provides directions to free parking lots using data retrieved from cellphone users through crowd-sourcing


  • innovative solution that allows your phone to choose the cheapest local service and data carrier when traveling to 100 countries around the world


  • instant-video app that turns photos and videos from your smartphone into a short animated film


  • mobile app with in-call translator allows people from different countries to freely converse, overcoming the language barrier


  • simple wireless charging solution, which is elastic enough so it can take on many shapes and forms, while fitting into endless types of devices and products


  • charging solution can charge a smartphone in 30 seconds

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