The Rise of Social Tech: The Israeli Perspective and Singapore Experience

SINGAPORE – AVPN organised an event for our member, Tech For Good, an Israeli organization that empowers and invests in entrepreneurs in technology to solve social issues, on “social-tech” and its latest venture in Singapore – Tech For Good Singapore, at the Google offices in town. The evening began with a short introduction by Ms. Ron Snir, the First Secretary of the Economic and Trade Department of the Embassy of Israel in Singapore followed by presentations by Nir Shimony and Yoav Elgrichi, founder of Tech For Good Israel and co-founder of Tech For Good Singapore, respectively.

Snir began by highlighting Israel’s multi-sector innovation ecosystem that promotes a conducive environment for start-ups and entrepreneurship, which has led Israel to become a technology pioneer across sectors such as agriculture, healthcare, and transportation. This resulted in a social-tech ecosystem that, as pointed out by Shimony from Tech For Good, provides a supportive network for early-stage entrepreneurs.

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