SBS buses go high-tech to look out for road users

Straits Times: SBS Transit’s bus drivers will soon get an extra set of special eyes to help them look out for vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists on the roads.

The intelligent camera sensor, called Mobileye, will be mounted at the front of the bus and alert drivers through a dashboard display unit when they are too close to the vehicle in front, and if a pedestrian or cyclist comes into their path.

SBS, the country’s biggest bus operator, plans to install the Israeli-designed advanced driver assistance system (Adas) on more than 3,000 buses by the end of 2018, The Straits Times has learnt.

SBS has finished testing Mobileye on 30 buses being used for passenger service in a trial that began in November 2014.

Mr Ng Chin Sheu, senior manager for bus safety at SBS, said: “After Mobileye was switched on for the bus captains, and with coaching from instructors on how they drove, we found there was a marked improvement in their driving behaviour, with fewer triggers logged.”

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