Norms to make the cyber world safe: A role for Singapore

Straits Times: The world sat up when the United States and China signed an unprecedented statement on cyber security in September last year. Much ink was spilt to explain the agreement, which essentially has both sides committing not to conduct commercial espionage on each other.

Espionage will cause reputational and economic loss. But without cyber norms, countries remain threatened by cyber weapons that can target the critical infrastructure running essential services.

Successful, large-scale attacks can disrupt entire economies and societies, cause physical destruction, and potentially a loss of human lives. One notable example was last December’s hack on the Ukrainian power grid, leaving many people without electricity for hours in the cold of winter.

International cyber norms should be of strategic interest to Singapore because they strengthen its position as a regional and global hub.

The Singapore International Cyber Week that took place last month has established itself as a dialogue platform of significance.

For the full article written by Prof Isaac Ben Israel, click here.

Professor Isaac Ben-Israel is chairman of the Israel National Council for Research and Development, and chairman of the Israel Space Agency . He is also a member of Singapore’s RIEC – Research, Innovation and Enterprise Council (since 2012) and a member of the board of the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (since 2013).

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