Feasibility study for an Offshore Facility

The Tender Committee in the Ministry of Transport and Road Safety (MOT) of Israel invites interested parties to participate in a pre-qualification stage of a tender for the procurement of consulting and planning services for a feasibility study of establishing an artificial island off the Mediterranean seashore of Israel.

The Services are to include a feasibility study of establishing an offshore facility for an airport and other uses and a recommendation for up to three alternatives for the offshore facility according to geographical location, construction methods and different potential levels of demand and supply. The feasibility study will address, inter alia, economic, engineering, transport, environmental, geographical, aviation and maritime aspects. If the MOT decides to proceed with the statutory planning of the project on the basis of the feasibility study findings, the consultant will be required to prepare the planning documents and submit them for approval to the relevant statutory body at the national level.

Please contact Dallas Wong from the trade department for more information on this.

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