IsraAid response to Hurricane Harvey


IsraAid is already on its way to Texas and to provide immediate support to the thousands of lives there. Drawing on over a decade of humanitarian response in 41 countries, IsraAid will provide a dual-focused, two-stage response in Texas, focused on the following :

  1. Psychosocial Trauma Support – IsraAid will deploy a team of experienced Psychosocial professionals from Israel and the US to provide urgent psychological support to vulnerable population groups. This will be done so via creating and facilitating child-friendly spaces, and to provide psychological and emotional support and tools for individuals in the community.
  2. Debris Removal – IsraAid will send a relief team to remove debris, clean out destroyed homes, help residents sift through the wreckage of their former homes and salvage belongings.

Please support the efforts to respond urgently to this crisis in these links :

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