Bio-Nexus is proud to announce the launch of its new product, Cyber-Nexus.

Cyber-Nexus is the world’s first device that provides the highest level of security for medical devices also known as CyberMed.

The healthcare industry is the top 3 most targeted sectors in the world by cyber criminals. In May 2017, cyber attackers set to cause physical harm on patients and businesses brought the entire National Health System in Britain to a halt. The threat is highly critical as there is a danger of operational shutdown of hospitals and health care organisations, physical harm to patients, loss of patient information, hefty financial damages and damage to reputation.

Cyber-Nexus allows any network based device to joining a secure and high-speed network. It delivers complete content and network protection by combining in-depth inspection with comprehensive suite of powerful security features. It protects each medical device separately from others, with an additional isolated security layer.

Bio-Nexus will shortly reveal its global Cyber-Nexus initiative which already  started with actual deployments and is jointly promoted through leading world class partners.  

Please visit Cyber-Nexus to see more.

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