Israeli Tech Is At The Forefront Of The Latest Mobility Trends

Article – Tel Aviv is on track to become a capital of mobility, placing Israel as a leader and trendsetter on a global scale in the automotive tech and smart transportation sector. This was a prevailing message at the sixth annual EcoMotion event in Tel Aviv on Wednesday, a one-day conference drawing some 3,000 participants from across the world, including industry leaders, investors, and entrepreneurs. Israeli tech was also on full display as part of an exhibition with hundreds of startups showcasing the latest innovations in smart and urban mobility, autonomous and electric vehicles, cybersecurity, safety, sensor and radar tech, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Read more about the industry here.

Also, we have recently published a Smart Mobility Newsletter, focusing on Israeli companies that are keen on opportunities here in Singapore. This month’s edition also showcases some of Israel’s activities in the Mobility field in Singapore. Please do write to if you would like to receive a copy 🙂

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