Smart City Delegation to Israel

From February 24th to 28th, we will be supporting a unique Singapore Smart City Delegation to Israel, that will be happening in conjunction with Muni World.

MUNI WORLD is an annual event, focused on the key challenges and threats regarding Smart Cities. Furthermore, participants of this delegation will get to meet with several investors and incubators such as 4Tech Capital, HAC Herzliya Accelerator Center, Highroad Innovation Centre and Cityzone which highly focuses on Smart City solutions. This delegation is bound to be a great insight to groundbreaking technologies in this field, with demos and interaction sessions at least 50 Israeli companies.

The main organiser of this event is Venture Sense, a venture development organisation focusing on commercialisation of technology between Israel, China and SEA.

Please sign up before 10th January for early bird registration pricing of SGD 976 per pax. (Price will increase to SGD 1209 thereafter)

Registration closes on 17th February 2019.

Please feel free to get in touch with our office at for any further information.

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