With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic requiring millions worldwide to work remotely, business
leaders and economic experts predict that the crisis will accelerate significant transformations in
the nature of work.
Of course, distributed workforces and greater flexibility around working from home are but a
small part of the trends that were already set to define the future of work, along with augmented
workforces working alongside increasingly sophisticated robots and machines; automation;
greater use of data analytics; and virtual collaboration.
Deloitte calculates that Israel’s future of work tech industry had raised more than $1.2 billion as
of 2019 – and when looking at the wide range of companies and startups with value
propositions for managing the 21 st -century workplace, it’s clear that Israel is a hub of innovation
in this space.
From improving workflows to managing talent to robotics, here are a few noteworthy Israeli
companies shaping the future of work:
 Founded in 2012, Monday.com is a work operating system uniquely suited to helping
workplaces manage remote work. The company’s platform makes it easy to track
projects and status updates across departments, delivering real-time insights into teams’
bandwidth and workloads.
 OnePep is an AI-based human resources management platform with tools designed to
boost employee satisfaction, retain top talent, and enhance team collaboration. The
platform serves as a hub for company news and announcements, cross-functional
collaboration, and BI analytics.
 Last-mile distribution is the toughest challenge facing the logistics industry – particularly
during times like these, with delivery demand surging – but warehouse robotics startup
Fabric, formerly known as CommonSense Robotics, is building robots and automated
micro-fulfillment centers where retailers can store goods, enabling workers to make
deliveries faster.
As businesses navigate unusual circumstances and prepare for workforce transformation,
Israeli innovation is helping smooth the transition.
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