30 Apr 2020 Upcoming Proposal Submission Period

SIIRD is calling for a new round of grant proposals. The submission period for grant proposals is:

Call for Proposals01 Jun 2020
Proposal Submission Deadline17 Aug 2020

SIIRD provides research and development (R&D) funding up to US$1M for joint R&D projects between companies based in Singapore and Israel. Interested companies are welcome to apply for this innovation grant by following the instructions in the Application Process page. For projects approved after May 2017, the grant disbursements to Singapore and Israeli companies would be in local currency i.e. Singapore Dollars and Israeli Shekels respectively.

Who Can Apply?
The application must be jointly submitted by a Singapore-registered company and an Israel-registered company. 
Either company must not have more than 20% shareholding in the partnering company. 
The joint project must be undertaken in Singapore and Israel, with at least 30% of the actual Research & Development work done in Singapore and Israel respectively. 
Technology and product developed must have potential for commercialization.

How Does R&D Funding Work?
The submitted proposals will be subjected to evaluations by independent professionals from Singapore and Israel, after which the evaluated proposals will be submitted to SIIRD Board for approval. SIIRD Board convenes at least twice a year. For the latest submission deadline for proposals, please refer to the News & Events.

Benefits Of Utilizing SIIRD R&D Funding

  • SIIRD shares companies’ risk from R&D projects
  • SIIRD does not take equity in the funded companies
  • SIIRD does not share Intellectual Property Rights of developed products/technologies
  • SIIRD does not require collateral from the funded companies

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