Israel is a global center for Cybersecurity. Israel is also home to over 400 R&D centers (focused on cyber security) of prominent international companies. Annual exports of $3.5 billion, 5% of the global market share (2nd only to the U.S.).300+ Israeli Cyber Security companies. The diverse mix of sectors in Israel offers solutions for every area of cyber. Over 300 active cyber-security companies, over 150 founded since 2012. Israel is uniquely geared toward cyber security innovation a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation.

The Israeli companies offer a range of cybersecurity solutions for all sectors.

In the first six months of 2021, Israeli cybersecurity companies raised upwards of $2.9 billion. To put this number into a more impactful context, $2.9 billion represents 41% of total cybersecurity investment worldwide in that period. While other economic sectors have floundered, Israel’s cybersecurity industry has continued to skyrocket, with one record-breaking period chasing the other. The unique cyber ecosystem is made up of big cyber companies, global multinational firms with Israeli research-and-development arms, new startups, army training, and government support for both private and public endeavors. Together, these components have created an effective community that is bringing cybersecurity solutions needed to the market. The world has realized that in Israel there is a lot of cybersecurity potential and that is why companies are investing in cybersecurity solutions.


In this blog post, we are delighted to share some of Israel’s, most innovative Cyber companies:

Silverfort: Silverfort provides a unified identity protection platform that consolidates security controls across corporate networks and cloud environments to block identity-based attacks.

Dig SecurityDig Security is the developer of a security threat solution that includes data detection and response, providing real-time visibility, control, and protection of data assets across any cloud.

Seemplicity: Seemplicity is working to revolutionize the way security teams drive and scale risk-reduction efforts across organizations by orchestrating, automating, and consolidating all remediation activities into one workspace.

Talon Cyber Security: Talon Cyber Security provides cybersecurity solutions for distributed workforces. Providing technology designed to protect against threats posed by distributed work and accelerated cloud usage, Talon enables workforce productivity and flexibility alongside holistic visibility and cybersecurity.

Cider SecurityCider Security has developed a platform that provides a unified view of the entire engineering ecosystem, offering security teams an in-depth understanding and comprehensive view of the technologies, systems, and processes unique to every engineering environment. Security teams are provided a highly tailored set of controls and solutions to optimize security and achieve full resilience across the entire CI/CD pipeline from code to deployment.