Israel’s e-Gov Technologies can Improve Service Delivery in South Africa

One hour of government official in Israel costs in averrage USD30 . if you multiply it by the number of e-Transactions and e-Forms submitted in Israel every year you get 120 Million USD. Having in mind that the Israeli government spends 20 Million Dollars annualy on e-Gov services, you get a saving of 100 Million USD every year and an improvement of the service delivery and a happy Israeli citizen. Doesn’t it make much more sense?

Israel’s experience with e-Gov services is very successful. 3.2 Million visitors at e-Gov web sites every months; 250,000 forms submitted online every month; 21%of all government transactions are done online. the UN ranked Israel 17th in its last e-Readiness ranking in 2008.

In the coming July, after the World Cup, an Israeli delegation of Software companies will visit South Africa to meet with decision makers in the public and private sectors.

Below is a presentation I gave last month at the 4th Annual e-Gov Africa Forum 2010 held in Maputo, Mozambique.

Israel e-Gov strategy

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