Mine Water Solutions from Israel: Brokerage Event on the 12th of October, Sandton

As a country that suffers from water scarcity, Israel developed world class technologies that supported us in making the desert a flourishing garden, develop modern agriculture and use our water resources in the most efficient way. Israel treats 91% of its water, 76% are being recycled and reused. Israel produces 50% of its water needs by desalinating sea water and recycling. That fortune has enabled us to develop an advanced water technology industry that, we believe, can be very instrumental in rising up to the challenges faced by the mining industry in South Africa.

The Embassy of Israel has partnered with a local team, comprised of 3 mine water specialists:  Prof Jannie Maree, Mr Meiring du Plessis and Mr Wynand Louw. They visited Israel to screen the Israeli companies and found out that the water technologies available are either new or improvements over what is currently in use in South Africa.

We would like to invite you to a mine water brokerage event organized by the Embassy of Israel. The event will take place  on the 12th of October, from 09h00 to 17h00, at the Hotel balalaika in Sandton (20 Maude St.) where we host 16 companies from Israel and mining groups and engineering firms from South Africa.

The Israeli and south African companies will engage in 1 on 1 meetings session, with the hope to find common ground for cooperation. Please, see the below catalogue of mine water solutions from Israel. We invite you to have a look at the catalogue an mark for us companies that are interesting for you to meet in person and we will schedule the meeting for you.

Mine Water Solutions from Israel

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