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Agritech Israel 2012

We would like to invite you to join a South African delegation of agro technology related businesses, farmers and researchers that will explore the most advanced innovations in irrigation, greenhouses, dairy farming and post-harvest treatment.

Israel is known for its success in developing technologies, products and methods that utilize existing agricultural conditions in an advantageous manner and we would like to share these technologies with South African entities at Agritech Israel 2012.

Through this amazing journey of research and development, Israel uses 60% less water, much less land and 2.5% of its work force (compared to 17.5% in the past) – to produce 20 times more!

Agritech Israel is a leading exhibition and conference within the agricultural field that showcases Israeli and International agricultural technologies. The event has allowed over 7,000 foreign visitors from different countries to interact with the leading international technology companies.

This event will provide all with an opportunity to see the latest innovations in the agricultural sector and advanced agro technologies, especially in the fields of irrigation, water management, intensive greenhouses cultivation, development of new seed varieties and organic and ecologically oriented agriculture. This year’s exhibitors will showcase their  advanced equipment and technologies, water management solutions, renewable energy innovations, new plastic technologies, ecological and environmental technologies, turn key projects as well as agricultural bio technologies to name but a few.

 The 18th International CIPA Conference will take place at the same time as the exhibition. This year’s theme is plasticulture for a Green Planet. The topics of discussion at the conference will include innovations in plastics chemistry, solar panels for agriculture, new irrigation methods, and environment friendly plasticulture, plasticulure in developing countries, soil covers as well as innovations in plastic covers for both horticultural crops and field crops.

Another highlight of  Agritech Israel is the professional tours being offered. These tailor made tours will be of technology companies and farms utilizing advanced solutions are part of this event. The tours are divided into two, namely the plasticulture tour and the dairy farming tour.The Plasticulture tour will include visiting production facilities of various types of film, a Research&Development Facility as well as visiting various farms of vegetables, flowers, leafy crops under protected and soilless conditions. The dairy farming tour will include visits to an advanced dairy farm, a feeding centre, the Israel Cattle Breeders Association as well as an artificial insemination and breeding company.

Agritech Israel is a must for all farmers, distributors of advanced technologies, researchers and even investment houses as the event accommodates every sector with the latest innovations in each field.

For more information please contact:

Kgomoco Letlhoo

Tel:011 783 9605

Email: kgomoco.letlhoo@israeltrade.gov.il israeltrade.johannesburg@gmail.com

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