Caring for Both Sides: Advanced Patient Transfer Solutions

One of the less glamorous aspects of modern science and the growth in life expectancy, challenges the global health system in the form of long-term necessity of care for the elderly. Simultaneously, countries of the world are dealing with the work-related disorders that caregivers suffer from: “In even the most advanced nursing environment, manually handling the patient results with 50% or more of the caregivers suffering from chronic back pain and causing 12% of them to leave the profession on an annual basis”, explains VitalGo CEO Ohad Paz.

On the patient’s part, there are serious medical ramifications to manual lifting. Spending long periods of time in a prone position can lead to respiratory complications, muscle atrophy, bladder infections, digestive problems, and more. Costs of occupational health problems amount up to 20 billion USD in costs of patient care and in the lost work days of caregivers.

New standards in user and caregiver safety

The solution to injury prevention and enhancement of patient safety comes in the simple form of VitalGo’s advanced technology-based solutions, aimed at improving the quality of life for people who have difficulty performing daily personal care activities, as well as for those caring for them. The selection of technologies developed at the company set new standards in user and caregiver safety and comfort and are designed for use in hospitals, rehabilitation facilities and in the comfort of one’s private home – with the supervision of a sole caregiver and while minimizing all contact to a pre-programmed user-friendly handset control.

Innovative solutions for medical treatment

The Total Lift Bed is currently the only bed enabling to raise a patient from a lying position to a full standing position and all intermediate positions while maintaining “zero lift” and providing innovative solutions to various aspects of medical treatment, whether physical therapy or the daily integration of slings being easily placed behind the patient and reducing the need for side to side turning. Gradual tilting of the patient allows self-orientation and maintains a controlled amount of weight throughout the process and reduction of respiratory complications.

Further developments of the bed include a motorized foot lifter, adjusting to the user’s height and keeping the center of gravity when tilting to the back area, and the bariatric bed suitable for patients weighing up to 800 pounds and usually require special equipment and training. The latest innovation at VitalGo is the weight-bearing control Foot Lifter Scale, sensing and indicating the amount of pressure placed on the footrest while supervising gravitation effects during bed tilting.

These technologies are highly recommended for both patient and staff safety when looking at a series of risk assessment factors. Vitalgo also supplies optional built-in powered and non- powered support surfaces for all wound stages including alternating and rotational low air-loss mattresses.

VitalGo CEO concludes: “Conducting complex manual labor in a short time and while bearing in mind all medical aspects results in better patient outcome and better life quality for both the patient and caregiver”.

VitalGo is one of the over 40 companies that will be exhibiting at the Israeli National Pavilion  at Medica Dusseldorf. To find out more about the companies exhibiting at our pavilion click here. To set up meetings with companies of interest or for answers to any queries you may have, please feel free to contact Michael Shapiro or call 2711 783 9605

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