Water-Gen Chosen as One of Fast Company’s 50 Most Innovative Companies in the World for 2014

Water-Gen – a leading Israeli  company providing tactical water supply solutions to military, police forces, and NGOs, and developer of breakthrough high-efficiency air drying systems – announced its inclusion in the World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies for 2014, by the prestigious American magazine, Fast Company. Water-Gen was ranked #21 alongside leading enterprises such asAmazon, Google, GE, and other global giants.

Every year, Fast Company publicizes its list of the 50 Most Innovative Companies – its most important, high-status project of the year. The magazine gathers and sifts information over months in order to identify the best businesses around the world and across a range of industries. The final list emphasizes “not just revenue growth and profit margins but also progressive, sustainable business models and an ethos of creativity.”

Water-Gen has developed a unique patented technology that produces drinking water out of air (atmospheric water generation), as well as a mobile solution for purifying available water sources. These solutions are offered to both the military and commercial markets.

Atmospheric drinking water generation can also be regarded as air dehumidification or air drying. Water-Gen, working continuously on innovative cleantech technologies and systems, has recently adapted its GENius™ technology – a unique air dehumidification solution – to be implemented in air dehumidifiers, air conditioners, laundry dryers, industrial air drying systems, etc. GENius™ operates at a record breaking energy efficiency of 310 Watt-hour/Liter, beating other available systems. The solution includes a heat exchanger and an internal evaporator, and is made primarily from a simple plastic, a non-conductive material. It should be noted that the American Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) grants an energy star to dehumidifiers whose operation is at 540 Watt-hour/Liter. Using the GENius technology, the same dehumidifier will accomplish the same performance at 310 Watt-hour/Liter, saving 45% of the energy consumption rated today as an Energy Star.

GENius™ is probably the best air drying technology available today in combining high energy efficiency, low size and cost – and it can be used in innumerable applications.

According to Arye Kohavi, CEO of Water-Gen, “We are thrilled to be included in this list, alongside the leading giants in their fields. For us, this is further proof of the consolidation of Water-Gen’s position as the global leader in the area of water solutions and air drying. Our technologies and solutions are already being used around the world, and significant interest is being expressed in our cutting-edge technology in the area of air dehumidification. We feel certain that in the near future, we will be able to announce new partnerships with consumer electronics manufacturers and industrial conglomerates.”

Article originally from Israel Newtech

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