From Startup Nation to Brain Nation


One key area of innovation getting more and more attention lately is brain technology. In fact, some would say that we are embarking on a brain revolution, a new frontier in neuroscience and research for the betterment of all humanity.

How, for example, do you harness the secrets of the brain to help tackle massive global health problems like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, diseases growing at alarming rates as our populations grow older and afflicting hundreds of millions of people worldwide? How do you harness brain-related innovation to tackle challenges like Depression, ADHD and Autism? How can medical technology help cure sports-related head injuries or PTSD for returning veterans?

Can the interface between mind and machine help us create bionic suits for quadriplegics, create driverless cars to make our roads safer, or help the blind see with bionic eyes? And can we actually make our computers infinitely faster and more powerful by emulating the wiring of the “supercomputers” in each of our heads – thus changing every field known to humankind?

These are all areas with the potential to be revolutionized by brain technology.

Our former President, Shimon Peres, had a vision of turning Israel into a global hub of brain technology and innovation – from “Startup Nation” to “Brain Nation.” Israel is well-known as a tech powerhouse, but also enjoys a number of major brain research centers and is a world-leader in innovative medical devices. The Israeli tech ecosystem is also particularly adept at cross-disciplinary innovation, thus suiting it perfectly to neurotechnology, which requires expertise in such fields as medicine, biochemistry, computer science, robotics and even psychology.

To turn President Peres’ vision into a reality, a non-profit organization called Israel Brain Technologies (IBT) was created. IBT aims at joining experts and business leaders from around the world to collaborate on brain science and technology development. By combining the best minds and the best ideas, IBT hopes to help jumpstart the brain revolution and start changing the world.


Next month, IBT will be bringing together the leaders of the leading national brain projects, including the $100 million Obama BRAIN Initiative, the E.U.’s €1 billion Brain Project, and the Brain Canada initiative, for the first time ever at IBT’s BrainTech 2015 Conference in Tel Aviv for a “Global Meeting of the Minds” aimed at tackling these issues head on.

BrainTech 2015 is a premier international event gathering neuroscientists, entrepreneurs, senior executives, investors, startups and decision-makers to explore challenges, discover promising projects, create partnerships and accelerate innovation in brain technology.

A number of Israeli braintech startups on the cutting-edge of neuroscience will also be exhibiting at the conference. These include:

Lifegraph: a platform that allows psychiatrists to better monitor their patients and detect deterioration in their mental state.

Montfort: turns a regular smartphone into a personal brain lab. For patients suffering from neurological disorders, Montfort provides real-time, inclusive and objective feedback on brain functionality.

Myndlift: provides a drug-free solution to improve concentration ability using wearable and mobile technology.

Sipnose: applies an innovative intranasal delivery technology to bypass the Brain Blood Barrier for effective Central Nervous System therapeutics.

For those looking to be part of this global brain revolution and witness firsthand some of the cutting-edge brain technology from Israel and around the world, join the “Global Brainstorm” at BrainTech 2015 this March 11th -12th in Tel Aviv.