WATEC Conference to Float Innovative Ideas

WATEC 2015 is quickly approaching, and Israel NewTech is working on all fronts, from delegations and international tours, to PR, to encourage water professionals from around the world to come to the event.  Below are excerpts from a recent article in “Israel Hayom” and interview with Israel NewTech head Oded Distel on WATEC and Israeli technologies:

Revolutionary technologies for the water industry will be presented at the WATEC Israel 2015 expo on water technology, renewable energy and environmentalism, scheduled to take place at the Tel Aviv Conference Center in October.

Some of the most intriguing innovations include photovoltaic systems that float on the surface of a body of water; a solar battery-operated sensor that monitors the level of water in plants; and white balls used to cover reservoirs.

The biannual expo functions as a platform for information, idea and technology exchange among researchers, analysts, and experts in the field of water from Israel and abroad.

Solaris Energy is scheduled to present its photovoltaic system that floats on the Eshkol Reservoir, producing 50 kilowatts of electricity. The innovative element of the system lies in putting solar systems on top of a body of water, which saves the cost of real estate entailed in building solar energy farms and also saves water by decreasing the amount of evaporation.

Unlike other floating solar energy production systems, Solaris’ model is not constructed on a floating platform. Each solar panel can float individually, which makes the system flexible and allows water movement to be tracked.

Meanwhile, Neotop Water Systems is due to present an innovative water ball called TopUp that is used as a modular cover for reservoirs. Thousands of the TopUp balls fill the reservoir, protecting the water. The system significantly reduces both evaporation and algae buildup, protects the water from pollution, and even fends off predatory birds that harm reservoir life and the water itself and can also put aircraft at risk.

The unique design of the TopUp balls also provides an efficient method of cooling reservoir water, preserving its quality. For the past three years, the Mekorot Israel National Water Company has been conducting the largest experiment ever done on reservoir covers, which proves that the system reduces evaporation by up to 90%.

Another development is the brainchild of Migal — the Galilee Research Institute — that includes a mini-sensor embedded in tree trunks, vines and plants that lets farmers water each of their crops at the correct time and to the optimal degree. The sensor is operated by a solar battery and provides constant measurements of the plants’ water level.

Oded Distel, director of the Israel NewTech National Sustainable Energy and Water Program in the Economy Ministry, said that “Israel is a water tech powerhouse and a role model. … Guests from many countries will take part in the expo.”

For the full Israel Hayom article click here.

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