Water Industry To Converge in Tel Aviv for WATEC 2015

By: Mickey Chesla, Blog Manager Israel New Tech

WATEC 2015,  the Israeli water week, will take place in Tel Aviv this month, bringing together the world’s leading experts in the water arena.  Interview with Yossi Yaacoby of Mekorot  the Chairman of the conference and Oded Distel of Israel NewTech.

The world is facing growing water challenges, and Israel is emerging as the inspirational case study on “how to do things right” in the water arena.  Water experts, government officials, entrepreneurs and investors are on their way to Tel Aviv to share ideas and forge cooperations in the water sphere.The heart of the event is a full, 2 day professional conference, taking place October 13-14.  The conference will be accompanied by numerous events on the site and around Israel.


Yossi Yaacoby, the Chairman of WATEC 2015, tells us more about the conference:
“A real A-List of water experts and policymakers will soon make their way to Tel Aviv, including ArizonaGovernor Doug Ducey,  Florida’s Commissioner of Agriculture Adam Putnam, an impressive delegation from Kenya including the Vice President and Minister of Water, and many others,” says Yaacoby.  Over a dozen government ministers will attend WATEC, from the Ukraine, Romania, Sri Lanka and others,

Events around the globe, such as the severe drought in California, have triggered a high level of interest in Israel’s water case study – a region with scarce water resources that has been able to ensure a stable water supply.

Oded Distel, Head of Israel NewTech, Israel’s government program for the advancement of the water and alternative energy sectors, is well-placed to provide perspective on how this was made possible: “The Israeli success story can be attributed to a number of factors: centralized government control, an approach from day one which placed high monetary value on water, the creative start-up culture, effective government support, and a strong hi-tech industry. WATEC is a unique opportunity for water professionals to gain in-depth understanding of Israel’s holistic approach to water management.”

Yossi Yaacoby

Some of the areas that will be explored in depth at the WATEC conference are those in which Israeli companies particularly shine.  These include smart city water management, cyber security and water for industrial uses. In addition to technological approaches and presentations by Israeli water technology companies, the conference will delve into the water industries in different parts of the world. One key session is titled “California and Israel: the Water – Energy Nexus”, with Richard Bloom, Assembly Member, District 50, California State Assembly, participating.  Another session “Shouguang – The Joint Chinese – Israeli Innovation Playground” will feature Song Zhihu, Deputy Mayor, Shouguang People’s Government, China.  Additional sessions will present discussions with experts from Korea, Denmark and the OECD.

“The sessions are focused on not only displaying the abilities of Israeli companies, but in gaining an in-depth understanding of the needs of different regions in the world and thinking together about how to address their growing challenges,” explains Yaacoby.

WATEC will also showcase a vast exhibition of companies and technologies, including an Innovation Pavilion featuring dozens of Israeli start-ups in the water arena. The conference and exhibition will be preceded by a full day investors summit, Cleanvest, on October 12th.  Following the conference, on October 14-15, a series of workshops will take place, organized by ISERD and titled “Bringing Israel’s Water Innovation to Europe.”

For more information and registration visit the WATEC site.

Oded Distel

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