Water Emergency Relief 2018-Smart Solutions to Global Challenges

In recent years, we have witnessed many emergencies in the water sector, which occur for many reasons- climate change, severe drought, floods, water infrastructure collapse, fires, severe water pollution, cyber incidents, deliberate sabotage, and human error. All of these often affect the supply of water to the various applications and needs, and the affected areas include all the geographical areas, not just developing countries. The State of Israel is regarded as a world leader in emergency preparedness in the field of water, both on the regulatory, planning, applied and technological levels.

This year we will be holding a “Water Emergency Relief” event in Israel, which will address the above-mentioned areas and will provide participants with a variety of solutions offered by the Israeli Water Authority, the standards institution of Israel and companies in the Israeli water industry.

The event will take place in Israel on June 12-14; the rich agenda includes an interesting entertainment element, a display and demo of capabilities in an unconventional demonstration area, a multi-player war game and a tourist tour.​

Visitors of the event will participate in a professional conference for technologies and solutions in the water fields for Emergency Relief, visitors also can take part in a “war game” where they can experience a simulation of an emergency drill and will be given the opportunity to manage it and more.

The Water Sector at the Israel Export Institute promotes the Israeli technological innovation and assists companies in penetrating global markets by providing professional information, drafting business plans, creating business partnerships, assisting in finding business opportunities and business contacts, organizing incoming and outgoing delegations, participating in exhibitions and international conferences around the world and marketing activities with the support of the commercial attachés and professional consultants around the world.

Water emergency relief webinars:



America https://vimeo.com/259116807

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