Putting People First

We have different “magic medicines” that keep our Startup Nation “ticking” and punching out so much disruptive world-changing innovations.


Some of that medicine is not specifically aimed at the technical, product or financial side to things, but towards Israel’s most impressive and biggest resource. Our PEOPLE.


No matter what field an Israeli business functions in, it functions best when it’s in the “people business”.


So, when an Israeli “Unicorn Startup” (an unlisted startup of market value exceeding $1bn) puts human concern before any other aspects of it’s business – we are proud of them. This is what AppsFlyer did last week when they cancelled their activities at MWC 2020 last minute at significant financial cost. Kol HaCovod (respect!) to AppsFlyer who were here with us in South Africa last week.


On that note, here is an article from Secret Tel Aviv celebrating some of the best places to work in our beach-side, business tech-driving super city, where people come first…and boy, does it drive business!




To find out more about the Future World of Work, and, HR magic coming out of Israel, join our meetups in March.


To learn more about AppsFlyer if you missed them, e-mail us at johannesburg@israeltrade.gov.il


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