Webinar: Cyber Risk Management

Cyber risk represents an ever growing threat to public and private institutions alike, due to its potentially disastrous effects on organizational information systems, reputational risk, and potential loss of consumer- and stakeholder’s confidence.

As the internet and e-commerce has grown, employee access to company data has increased, and remote access to internal computer systems has become commonplace, cyber-attacks have evolved, becoming more sophisticates and their affects becoming more devastating. Current cyber threats and attackers are increasingly focused on profiting from the consequences of their attack actions and either exploit the data they illicitly obtain for private gain or require payments from the victimizes enterprise to restore service, access, or website back to operational functionality.

The focus of this webinar will be on enterprise and financial institution’s cyber risk management and risk mitigation. We will focus on several important aspects of cyber risks and how these affect the security of organization, and discuss the strategies and technologies, an entity must implement in order to stay secured and protected.

Participating Israeli companies:
Verint– Intelligence-driven security
Commugen– Regulation Technology Solutions Based on a Code-free Platform
XM Cyber– Breach and attack simulation
Silverfort– Scure authentication and access across enterprise networks and cloud environments
Panorays– Automated third party security management
Transmit– Continuous Adaptive Risk monitors and orchestrates suspicious activity across channels and applications and dynamically enforces authentication and authorization actions

Here is the sign up link: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_K89jhy18SmOC9gZGPGlPYg

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