Webinar: Healthcare Cyber Security

Technological advancements and federal policy initiatives have dramatically expanded the healthcare industry’s exposure to cyber attacks. Healthcare is one of the leading industries targeted by cyber criminal organizations. While the exposure and frequency of cyber attacks has changed, the motive and target of the cyber criminals has not. Research suggests that an individual’s medical information is 20 to 50 times more valuable to cyber criminals than personal financial information. The utility and versatility of medical information, extensive centralized storage of medical information, relatively weak IT security systems, and the expanding use of healthcare IT infrastructure all contribute to an increase in cyber attacks on healthcare entities

Cyber attacks can be a costly annoyance but healthcare entities cannot afford to have their operations disrupted. As healthcare entities increase reliance on IT infrastructure for their operations, patient care is more exposed to cyber criminals. When these critical information systems are held hostage by cyber attackers, it creates a sense of urgency for healthcare entities. Lack of access to healthcare data can be detrimental to operations and patient safety.

As the technological landscape continues to change, new technologies are implemented faster than security systems can be created or updated to protect them. Medical devices, which were traditionally stand-alone systems, are becoming network-integrated within hospital IT systems and are no longer immune to traditional cyber attacks.

In this webinar, we will map the current threats and challenges in the health care industry, and discuss the strategies and actions, an institute must take, in order to protect itself from Cyber attacks.

Participating Israeli innovative companies:
Medigate, Cynerio, CyberMdx, Sternum, Securithings


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