Critical infrastructure relies on connected networks – making it all the more important that robust security protocols are in place. Consultancy firm Deloitte notes the rapid hyper-connectivity and digitisation of cities is accelerating cyber threats.

It says to tackle the challenge, government leaders, urban planners and other key stakeholders should make cyber security principles an integral part of smart city governance. African cities are no exception and have not been spared from it’s share of cyber attacks on utilities.

As entities take new steps to secure their critical infrastructure against cyber vulnerabilities, Israel is pioneering the development of technologies to combat these threats.

Renowned for its vibrant tech ecosystem, Israeli innovation has long stood at the convergence of high-tech and security.

  • More than 400 cyber startups
  • Number 2 in the world of cyber companies in absolute numbers
  • Two of the world’s top 10 cyber security companies are Israeli
  • Exits and IPOs of Israeli cyber companies in value of billions of dollars

Israel has been a dominant global force in the development of IT security technologies, particularly within this sector, for more than 25 years.

 Due to a variety of factors, including an incomparable concentration of professionals and vast government support, Israel is a pioneer in both the global development of disruptive Cybersecurity solutions, as well as the design of revolutionary cyber policy.

The Israel Trade Office in Partnership with USAid Power Africa have much pleasure inviting you to take part in a unique Webinar for Cyber-Security focusing on Transmission and Distribution in Africa for utilities.

The full Webinar can be accessed here on You Tube

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