The Culinary Show set for 27-28 October will premier some great products at the Culinary Show, such as:


2BFresh, produces a wide variety of fresh Micro Leaves (also known as Microgreens) for local and
international markets. Check them out here >> 2bfresh Video

Ambrosia Supherb

A variety of food supplements, for every stage of life. SupHerb brand and products
are based on a robust, top quality, in-house R&D department within the
company’s own laboratories, throughout every step of the manufacturing process. Product range from:
Kids series
Probiotics series
Designated formulas series
Women series
Beauty series

Cham Foods

Fresh and frozen agri-based products are processed and packaged according to the highest quality standards.

Meals are uniquely freeze-dried, which is the best shelf-stable solution
for keeping the product as close to fresh as possible and delivering the
farm-to-table experience your customers are looking for. The ingredients
are sourced raw from selected environmentally- conscious suppliers.

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