Israel is driving sustainable change in the global energy and environmental ecosystems. According to a recent report in the Cleantech Group and the WWF, Israel is the second most innovative country worldwide for clean technology and early in 2018, Israel was also named as the world’s top innovator in the field of clean technologies by the Global Cleantech 100 Index.

Israel’s leadership in cleantech is more than just testimony to the country’s prowess in innovation and making the most of limited resources. Israel is making the Arava region, an R&D center for renewable energy technologies.

Also, the project aims to make the area energy independent and free from carbon emissions by 2025. Thus, now days Eilat and Arava are producing 70% of daytime energy demand for the region. By 2025 will produce 100% renewables 24/7.

With this project the region will become an international knowledge center. We hope that you can benefit from the technology offered at this Webinar!