The Israel Trade Missions to Africa in conjunction with the Israel Export Institute hosted an Off-Grid Energy Solutions focused session to the African Continent.

We presented a case study of implementing an Israeli off grid solution in Kenya and also some of the cutting-edge technologies that are coming from Israel to the off-grid energy segment.

Homebiogas – Bacteria break down organic waste in a naturally occurring process, and HomeBiogas stores and harnesses the energy created so that you can use it.

Gencell – Hydrogen fuel cells offer a reliable source of green power that enable telecoms, utilities, businesses and governments to cost-effectively deploy their services in areas beyond the grid or with poor grid supply.

Ecowave – power aspires to build wave energy power stations gives people access to electricity in proximity to their residence without creating air pollution.

EZpower – is an off-grid power generation and storage unit. The power generation is based on green energy sources. It can be implemented and adapted to various applications and makes off-grid systems cost-effective and easy to install and operate.…

There were about 100 entrepreneurs, captains of industry and Governmental benefit bodies that took part in the event with close to 150 meeting requests with the 5 Companies.

The feedback that was received from Israel and African participants was very positive and we expect that many opportunities will be created in Africa from this event.

We look forward to the dialogue that will follow between the Israel and African Companies!