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specializing in highly reliable and effective tracking solutions. The company’s end-to-end
global IoT platform provides personal safety and tracking solutions to more than 500,000
consumers and more than 50 enterprise clients worldwide.
Case study Topic: “How to add value with IoT.”
Natalie Antoschuk, Account Executive for EMEA

Radix Technologies
Redefine device management and consolidate all devices, processes and stakeholders into one platform.
Case study Topic: “Device management for businesses and Telcos”
Nadav Avni, CMO

The Avenews platform operates as a digital infrastructure that enables financial institutions to access agri-business data that previously was out of reach, reduce risk, and distribute financial services to agricultural businesses across the supply chain directly on the platform.
Case study Topic: “Agri &Financial services for Telcos”
Shalom Ben -Or, CEO

Provides the most secure, end-to-end IOT home healthcare solution for remote diagnosis, monitoring and telehealth – perfectly tailored to patient needs
Case study Topic: “Remote Patient Monitoring”
Dr. Viktor Ariel, CEO

Panel discussion – 11:00 – 11:15 (SAST)


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