The Israel Trade Mission to South Africa hosted a Cyber Delegation to South Africa,  which was lead by Karishma Sewduth, Lead Innovations Manager and Amit Lev, Head of Israel Trade Mission together, with the help from Israel Export Institute was delighted to have hosted a fruitful Cyber delegation. The first day, kicked started with individual B2B sessions between Telesure – the holding company of some of South Africa’s leading financial service providers, and the five Israeli companies  – Pentera, CyberGym, Cyberark, Checkpoint & Sepio, each of the companies had an opportunity to present their product offerings to the Head of Cyber Security for Telesure.





The second day of the cyber delegation was formal and insightful with a start to a panel discussion around the topic trends, challenges, and key elements for achieving cyber resilience. The delegates was from mixture of industries, which included I.T integrators, resellers, distributors, cyber companies, banks, telecoms, and SA’s consulting partners.

The second day ended with a hybrid b2b roundtable discussion between the Israeli companies and iiNtesec team for Cybersecurity.

The next day was another busy day, which included over 12 attendees; they came from the BCX partners and the cyber team . BCX was very enthusiastic to ask questions and want to know more about the Israeli companies cyber product offerings.  

Capetown engage was a private, informal networking event, which welcomed more than 28 key cyber delegates. The Ambassador of Israel Trade Mission to SA completed opening remarks and the Israeli companies did short intros to their product offerings. The event ended with Gilli Apter, an internationally touring comedian who performed on “Only jokes allowed” on Netflix making the delegates laugh the night away…

Karishma Sewduth, Lead Innovations Manager – ICT

Amit Lev, Head of Israel Trade Mission to SA.
















The final day of the roundtable discussion ended at Capitec in Capetown. The Israeli companies had the opportunity to  present to the cyber team at Capitec. Overall, the cyber delegation to South Africa was a success with many  B2B sessions. The Israeli companies engaged with all leading SA companies. These companies will definitely engage further! In addition, the Trade Mission looks forward to business partnerships and collaborations.