In this exclusive interview, Carl Beck discusses with the Trade Mission key insights centred around cybersecurity, his experience working with Israeli businesses, and how Israeli Innovation can assist in keeping organizations competitive and future proof.

Give us a background about iiNtesec?

iiNtesec is a South African based company with its main focus on cyber intelligence operations across a broad spectrum of industries.

What interesting comparisons can you draw between Israel and its booming start-up scene, and SA and its rapidly growing Cyber sector?

CB: The SA cybersecurity sector has shown huge interest in Israeli-made cybersecurity products as can be referenced by the growing number of distributers in SA. This trend is also true for direct engagements of SA industries with Israeli based security companies.

It is, however, alarming that despite this growing trend that the majority of SA companies and government at large are not adopting the requisite cybersecurity postures to ensure resilience against cyber-attacks.

Please tell us about your relationship with the Trade Mission in SA, and your experience doing business with Israel.

CB: The Trade Mission has become an integral partner to our business and its partnerships with Israeli technology companies. They are an invaluable partner to our business as they have exposed us to some of our key global cybersecurity business partners and kept us abreast of relevant, cutting-edge technologies.

Did you find the Trade Mission helpful towards finding success in your business?

CB: The Trade Mission is intrinsic in the successful operations between our company and our Israeli partners. They have also extended their assistance with client engagements to ensure the successful partnerships facilitated.

What do you think the Israeli ecosystem can learn or gain from SA?

CB: The extent of SA’s intelligence and knowledge base should not be underestimated, as SA has always been a leader in security technologies globally. With that in mind, Israeli companies intending to operate in SA should not adopt a superior approach to sell products; instead, it should be on a partnership basis for mutual development and gain.

Any last things you would like to share with us, tips for other cyber related companies here in SA in working with Israel.

CB: SA should not be viewed as a lucrative place to sell products. Israeli companies must adopt a longer-term view for business development. Investment, both technical and financial, in local partners is also critical for sustainability and reputation.

Would you recommend other entities in SA to work with the Trade Mission?

CB: Definitely!