First of its kind – 01.06.2022. The Zambia Economic Conference in Lusaka under the theme ‘A New Dawn of Opportunities’ took place and our own Amit Lev was in attendance.

A well suited collaboration, i.e. Israel in Zambia together with the Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry, the Zambia Development Agency, Israel Africa Chamber of Commerce and the Ministry of Economy and Industry Foreign Trade Administration.

The main objective of the conference was to introduce the state of Israel economy to the Zambian economy, both public and private sectors.

The specific objectives included among others to provide an initial platform for learning about the capabilities and culture of the economic world of the state of Israel in various sectors; To learn and share experiences of the Israel firms interested in operating options in Zambia; To create a base for future engagements of Zambian firms with Israeli firms through linkages, cooperation, joint ventures in bilateral trade and investments and to provide market linkages between the two countries.
Speaking when he officially opened the Israel – Zambian Economic Conference, the Minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry Chipoka Mulenga thanked the organisers for coming up with the initiative of the economic conference.

The Trade Attache, Amit Lev participated in this conference and led a talk on how Israel has been successful in creating synergies with South Africa around various sectors – thereby moderating the sector panel discussion centred around various topics in agriculture, telecom & fintech.

Additional highlights:
– Agri panel discussion with representatives from Cherry Irrigation, Haifa Fertilizers & BNOP Green 2000 speaking on their experiences working with Israel partners.
– Telecom & fintech panel talks with representatives from Paygilant, Trackimo & Avenews shared their experiences through their linkages and joint ventures carried out in the African market.

Special thank you to Ofra Farhi for organizing and having The Trade Mission at this initiative.

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