IT Web Security Summit. A two-day event hosted in Johannesburg. The event welcomed over 650 attendees, 60 + speakers, and 40 + exhibitors. I.T web security summit is one of  largest Cyber specific event in South Africa.  The event kick started with an interesting international keynote address by Mark T. Hofmann speaking about the psychology of Cyber security. Over the two days, there was networking sessions, panel discussions, and four track sessions with different focus topics around Cyber Security.

It was exciting to see, many leading Israeli Cyber companies with their local representatives at the event. There were 10 Israeli companies (Cybereason, Orca security, Checkpoint, Cymulate, Semperis, Pentera, Skybox security, CyberArk, Silverfort, and Imperva).  Orca and Pentera made physical presents. Oren Kaplan, senior Director from Pentera completed an international keynote address: “Security validation at the heart of exposure management”, while Orca had C -suite dinners and completed many demos to leading companies in South  Africa.

Karishma Sewduth, had the opportunity to speak to Len Noe, technical evangelist, white hat hacker and biohacker, working for CyberArk. she was fascinated with Len , having multiple implanted microchips in his forearms, wrists and hands. He is able to interact with many different contactless technologies (NFC, RFID, Bio -sensing magnets, and contactless security). He is a “Transhuman biohacker” Read more about Len Noe.

Overall, I.T Web security summit was a excellent summit to network, engage, and complete business!