Israel recycles 76% of its water and operates the biggest desalination plants in the world (using reverse osmosis technology); Israel is the pioneer of solar water heating and the leading country with 95% penetration. Israel is No. 1 in the world in patents per capita in medical devices and the birthplace for inventions such as the removable memory stick, the drip irrigation and more.

This is a blog that deals with the trade relations between Israel and South Africa. It tells the story of successful business and technological cooperation between the two countries. It reveals what Israel has to offer in many areas, such as water technologies, renewable energy, telecommunication, medical devices and many more. We will tell you where you can find Israeli technology in South Africa and abroad.

The Trade and Economic Office functions under the Embassy of Israel to South Africa and is aimed at the promotion of export from Israel, promotion of investment into Israel and the fostering of trade relations between the two countries. We receive hundreds of requests from Israeli and local businessmen willing to do business together. We are the organizers of business delegations and events, focused at the promotion of cooperation in many industrial areas.

I trust that you will find this blog useful when exploring your next business opportunity.



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