The Israeli Foreign Trade Administration at the Ministry of Economy is responsible for managing and directing the international trade policy of the State of Israel. The main fields of activity include activities for the promotion of trade export and import, initiating and maintaining trade agreements for the improvement of Israel’s trade conditions, attracting and encouraging foreign investments and creating strategic cooperation with foreign companies. Together with the activity in Israel, the Administration operates a network of economic representatives who constitute the operational arm of the Ministry in markets around the world.


  • Assisting companies with knowledge, connections and outreach in the SA and Israel markets
  • Preforming technology scouting researches and facilitating B2B sessions between Israeli and SA companies
  • Participating with national booths and business delegations at Trade shows, conferences and exhibitions
  •  Accompanying and supporting the individual exporter in the marketing activity abroad.
  • Initiating and applying international trade agreements and maintaining existing agreements.
  • Raising investments and strategic cooperation Between Israeli and SA companies

The Foreign Trade Administration’s divisions:

International Trade Policies and Agreements:
Responsible for the advancement and maintenance of international trade agreements.
Service Quality and Knowledge Management:
Promoting the preservation of knowledge, the development of human capital in the organization and the improvement of the quality of service in the Administration.
The International Projects and Financing Division: Offering a range of programs aimed at initiating and intensifying the economic activity of Israeli industry in the international arena.
Export Promotion: Operates to ensure the continued development and expansion of Israel’s export operations in overseas markets.