Solar Water Heaters

How Israel Is Jump-Starting Cleantech Innovation

Even before Israel achieved statehood 70 years ago, the country’s pioneers harnessed their fierce determination, forward thinking, and more than a little chutzpah to overcome the challenges posed by the land’s limited natural resources. Just
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Daily Maverick Op-Ed: Water is scarce, but solutions can be found

Read an interesting article here by Shauna Westcott, a farmer in the Eastern Cape suggesting how South Africa can look to the arid Israeli model for its water solutions.          
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Invitation to attend free online webinar in build up to Watec 2017

The Israel Economic Mission to the West Coast of United States of America invites all interested water enthusiasts to Israeli water technology webinar series, Part 2: Water Intensive Industries: June 27th, 19:00-20:00:  Registration: Agenda: o  
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Visit premier international water show – Watec – Tel Aviv – 12-14 September 2017

                          To plan your trip and set up a tailor-made program for your needs please contact our sector manager Nicholas Friedman
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Electroad takes top honors at EnergyVest startup competition

The race for efficient, implementable alternative energy solutions was evident this week at EnergyVest, the startup competition which took place during the Eilat Eilot Renewable and Clean Energy conference, in Eilat November 28th. The
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Eilat Eilot 2016

We are excited to announce the 7th Eilat-Eilot Renewable and Clean Energy Conference! Our leading international event will focus on the next generation technologies that will spur the RE-revolution forward worldwide and on
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Another bumper edition of Bizarael-Get the June Newsletter now

Access the latest opportunities, events and news in the Bizarael Newsletter here  
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Israel Water Revolution and the lesson for other water scarce countries worldwide

Read this fascinating Article in the Times of Israel here by Oded Distel the founder of Israel NewTech about Israel’s revolution in water technology and how Israel can help a water scarce world.  
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WWi’s Top 25 International Leaders in Water

2 Israelis as well as 2 South Africans have been Voted in the top. Take a look here Diarise the visit by Israeli water experts to South Africa in June to share knowledge.
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Israel NewTech Hailed in New Book on Water Industry

“Let There Be Water,” a just published book on Israel’s successful water industry, outlines the blueprint for Israel’s successful water management case study.  An interview with author Seth M. Siegel. When Seth M. Siegel started
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