Join Us for a 4 day Visit to Israel and Meet Fellow CIO’s in One of the Most Innovative Countries in the world! May 23-26, 2011

A 4 day business visit to Israel to meet with Israeli CIO’s to share experiences and to learn about best IT practices in Israel a worldwide IT leader + meeting with Israeli software companies to
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Stanley Fischer Named World's Top Bank Governor for 2010

“Israel’s durability during and after the financial crisis, proves that Stanley Fischer deserves the honor he receives among the elite of the international financial community,” – Euromoney magazine Euromoney magazine, a leading international banking,
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Israel to Invest NIS 1.8 Billion in Search for Fossil Fuel Substitutes

The National council for Economic Affairs of Israel, headed by Proph. Eugene Kandel has put together a programme to promote the search for substitutes of fossil fuel for transportation usage. The Programme includes the establishment
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Most Innovative New-Media Technologies from Israel Introduced to South African Boradcasters

Israel has more than 700 new media companies whose offerings span the range of all new media possibilities. Israeli companies are dynamic players in broadcast, digital & cable TV, IPTV and satellite services, strong in
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Soon: Israeli Water Technology Companies to Bring Solutions to Acid Mine Drianage in South Africa

Israel is known for making the desert a flourishing garden. The country is World’s No. 1 in Water recycling – 76% and the most efficient in water desalination ($55c per cubic meter). That know-how can
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Israeli Technologies Lead the World of the New Media

It’s no secret that the media are in upheaval. Print faces unprecedented challenges from the electronic domains. New technologies are morphing the mobile phone into a pocket-sized PC with interactive capabilities surpassing the desktop variety.
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Israel’s Packaging Industry

Israeli packaging suppliers provide manufacturers the world over with products for packaging everything from luxury goods to industrial chemicals. From fashion-frivolous designs to mil-spec durable, from plastic to paper to metal and more. These companies
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