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Global Agricultural Technology Summit in Tel Aviv, Israel, October 17-18, 2023.
Agritech 2023 is set to assemble a distinguished gathering of global thought leaders, including corporate executives, government officials, prominent NGO leaders, and esteemed academics, all converging to address the critical challenges that impact humanity at its core.
This must-attend event features a cutting-edge exhibition showcasing the latest agricultural, water, and food technologies and solutions from 120 leading global companies and 50 Agri-tech, Aqua-tech, and Food-tech startups. Moreover, Agritech 2023 will present a series of expert-led conferences, featuring world-renowned speakers https://lnkd.in/dDXMngrp? as well as provide a robust platform https://lnkd.in/dTDp-URb for networking for exhibitors and participants alike.
At the heart of Agritech 2023 lies a profound commitment to tackle the paramount issue of Food Security. The conference will delve into the following pivotal topics: Food Security Challenges Amidst Climate Change, Agricultural practices in arid zones and precision agriculture, Postharvest Practices: New Frontiers, Crop Protection: Emerging Challenges and Solutions, Controlled Climates: Greenhouses, Hydroponics, and Vertical Farming, Robotics and Autonomous Harvesting Water Reclamation and Desalination Innovations Agro-voltaic Systems, Aquaculture Advancements, Innovative Animal Farming Techniques, Cultured Meat and Alternative Proteins, Cannabis Cultivation and Processing, Food and water innovations for emerging markets. For more information Charmaine.hirshowitz@israeltrade.gov.il

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