Project Description

Fourtec – Fourier Technologies is a recognized leader
in data-logging and monitoring solutions for controlled
industrial environments, such as food, pharmaceutical,
medical, storage and transportation industries.
Our solutions enable our customers to deliver higher
quality products, ensure consumer safety, comply with
regulatory requirements and increase profitability.
Innovation, expertise and a commitment to quality are
the values that drive the development and production of
our products.

MicroLite USB data logger is a vital tool for monitoring
and recording a variety of data. The MicroLite is available
in 6 models, offering a unique plug and record data logger
for every application and helping organizations maintain the
highest standards throughout the cold chain. Real-time sensor
readings with corresponding time stamp are clearly displayed
on the logger’s LCD screen, incorporating alarm thresholds. The
logger is designed for low power consumption to extend battery
life and reduce the time between battery replacements.