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Project Description

Grow faster and smarter with TOP turnkey greenhouse solutions

a 22 year old metal producer from Israel, who provide a wide range of turn-key

agricultural solutions for growers and investors around the globe, they also offer financial solutions via European banks.

Experienced staff of professionals with a variety of specialties in cultivation and agricultural technologies, assess the needs and objectives,

climate conditions and crop requirements. Each project is then tailored to the customer’s specifications and budget.

Top Greenhouses closely supervises its projects from the feasibility study through delivery and guidance to the client at every stage

from the concept, design, construction and installation and when required – for the maintenance and operation as well.

They continue their involvement through the first growing cycle, to ensure the long term success of the project.

They specialize in the design and installation of the newest technologies such as: hydroponics, fustigation,

climate control, nursery, packing and cooling.

They have been involved in projects in South Africa, Angola and Lesotho.

South African project https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nz8YSu-mwZM

Interested: Contact johannesburg@israeltrade.gov.il