Project Description

Avdor CIS is a Call Recording, Screen Recording Monitoring Software Solution for SMB’s to Enterprise.
They record landline IP/Analog phones, mobile phones, voice & screen, SMS, radio, air & real-time streaming, verification, including tools for enriching call & contact centers.

If you’re looking to improving agent performance and interaction for your business: Effective recording and analyzing agent actions, look no further as Avdor CIS Screen Recording captures and records screen activities synchronized with phone calls for various business purposes, such as service performance assurance, coaching, etc. The Solution Integrates with a variety of platforms, CTI types and VoIP protocols, with proven PBX integrations such as Cisco, Avaya, Mitel, Genesys, SIPREC, Speakerbus, Huawei, NEC, Teams and more and complies with PCI-DSS, MiFID II and partner with AudioCodes.

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