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Project Description

Gat Fertilizers is a tailor-made water-soluble Israeli fertilizers producer with more than 35 years’ experience in the fertilizers industry, they produce tailor-made formulas to customer’s needs, and have an expert technical team that analyzes chemical data from soil and water and advices the production accordingly – provide the customer an holistic solution of products and services. Manufacturing is within a purpose-built site with an accredited quality standard. They are a premium producer with the premium market as their target. Gat recently launched GATIT PLUS – Composed solid fall water soluble fertilizer tends not to crystalize full water soluble, each pellet contains all nutrients and additives according to the crops needs, nitrogen and potassium sources.

To date they are the only company in the world that produce this product, they have been experimenting this product for over two years and have received excellent results, especially in Citrus, Avocado, greenhouse vegetables, Mangoes and flowers. This means that you can get all the benefits of liquid fertilizer in a solid water soluble fertilizer – logistics are simpler and cheaper, no crystalize in storage (15-20% waste savings), better configuration and technical operation in the irrigation systems.

They would like to partner with a local distributor and/or provide their products directly to projects.

Interested contact: johannesburg@israeltrade.gov.il