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Project Description

Disruptive Molecular Diagnostic for non-lab settings.

RNA Extraction-free, Saliva-based isothermal molecular diagnostic self-collected samples that enables the collection and processing of dozens of samples within 40 minutes, with inexpensive infrastructure, low skills level and end-to end mobile tracking and reporting of tests) to help them find a partner to register and market their narCov-19 test.

The patented NaorCov-19 device uses a unique saliva collection and processing device, coupled with a rapid molecular diagnostic process that can be conducted with affordable heating devices.

It can be used to process locally and rapidly hundreds of samples within less than an hour, using affordable devices and easy to operate no need for highly skilled personnel. Instant high accuracy results for symptomatic and asymptomatic patients. Nucleic acid amplification method to multiply specific sequences of RNA, resulting in high sensitivity and specificity.

Modular approach enabling high throughput use in settings such as airports, campuses, schools, and workplaces and easily adaptable to home use.

Processing can be done on the premise or in other locations.

Validated with more than 6,000 patients and has received the European CE mark.

The CE marking confirms that NaorCov-19 meets the requirements of the European Medical Devices Directive, which will allow RDS to commercialize the device across the European Union and other CE Mark geographies.

Technology originated from the Israeli Technion and developed with MAFAT (the R&D arm of the Israeli ministry of Defense). Developed in collaboration with multiple organizations and researchers, including MAFAT (the R&D arm of the Israeli Ministry of Defense) and RAMBAM Medical Center. Tested with thousands of people in multiple countries. The original work had been among the first clinical studies to be published showcasing RNA extraction-free COVID-19 molecular diagnostic.

Interested Contact: johannesburg@israeltrade.gov.il