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Project Description

Tambour leads the Israel market for paint and construction products.

Tambour has three focus areas: Firstly, decoration, which includes paints, coatings, plasters, metal finishes and wood finishes for home decoration. Secondly, industry, which includes protective coatings for metal and wood. This can be used on all industry surfaces, including streetlights, railways, production factories and much more. They also supply protective coatings for military equipment and marine equipment. The third focus is construction, Tambour supplies different types of adhesives, plasters, and heat insolating plasters.

See more: https://tambourpaints.com/

Tambour is proud to present ECO2 which is Paint made from natural materials only, supports air flow by eliminating condensation, and improves the air quality in the house. Prevents mold development, destroys 99.9% of the bacteria on the walls and contain graphene technology.

For more information on how to partner/ connect with Tambour, please contact us at Johannesburg@israeltrade.gov.il

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