Project Description

Technoso Control Systems LTD was established in 2013. The company develops, installs, and operates parking access and revenue control systems. The systems are operational in 150+ parking lots. The types of parking lots include shopping centers, hospitals, municipalities, mixed-use, public parking lots, office buildings, and more.

Technoso uses number plate detection, instead of the use of paper cards, you make use of number plate numbers or cellphone numbers to pay either at:
1. Pay on foot machines in locations convenient for your drivers.
2. Contactless (tap-and-go), EMV chip, swipe, and QR code.
3. Mobile wallets (NFC) such as Apple Pay, Android Pay, Monyx Wallet, and more.

Why Technoso Control Systems LTD?
• Completely Ticketless system
• Fully wireless system
• Leasing option instead of purchasing.