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Project Description

Sonovia’s mask is a game-changer in transforming the role of masks from a passive barrier to an active shield. Sonovia’s revolutionary ultrasonic based coating offers a commercial eco-friendly solution that uses 50% less chemicals, yielding washable protection-fortified textiles that are already being used in the fashion, automobile, and tourism industry with the goal of saving lives and improving the quality of life. Sonovia’s patented technology uses ultrasonic soundwaves to physically infuse Zinc Oxide nanoparticles onto the fabric, enhancing the masks with durable, washable and clinically proven anti- bacterial & anti-viral properties.

99.35% Effective against the covid-19 according to ISO 18184:2019

98% particle filtration efficiency (5 micron particles) according to ASTM F2299/F2299M and 14683:2019 standards

99.99% antibacterial efficacy (including to antibiotic resistant bacteria) according to ISO 20743

99,89% virucidal efficacy according to ISO 18184

Tested for 50 laundry cycles keeping its anti-viral & anti-bacterial properties

Protect the user for a year

Maximum comfort – a cloth mask that meets the filtration standards set by the WHO and can be worn all day long.

Sonovia is looking for distributers, agents and resellers.

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