Look at your Android phone! Now back at this post!

Imagine you could program your Android to text your wife when you left work. Now imagine your Android reminding you in the morning to grab your umbrella if it’s going to rain later in the day.

Now look back at your Android Phone! Now look at Microsoft! Wait, what? Microsoft?

That’s right, your favorite Redmond techno-giant is sitting on a horse. Backwards.

Microsoft is today announcing the beta release of on{X} (pronounced ‘on-ex’), a website and Android app combo that provides users with extended control of their Android phones via remote programming. The semi-geeky can hit the ground running with ready made ‘recipes,’ while the ultra-geeky can sink their teeth into a JavaScript API.

Before we dive in, the first question that needs answering is why is Microsoft releasing a product for Android? The answer to that lies in the team that developed on{X}, namely, the Israeli Information Platform and Experiences (IPE) team which specializes in signal collection on mobile devices and location-based services. While the team’s full-time gig is to enhance existing Bing experiences with geo-fencing, real-time location sharing, proximity detection and ongoing logging & recommendation systems, it also works on new approaches to UX which combine web services and applications.

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